2022-09-14 08:15:59

Why is Zoll AED Plus common at Wellbeing?



This is not only a device to support CPR

- Do you know that only half of all sudden cardiac arrest victims need an electric shock in the first place, yet 100% of the victims need high-quality CPR. Of all AED producers in the world, only Zoll provide models that integrate text, sound, and visual instructions, as well as real-time feedback about frequency and strength of the force applied in chest compressions to assist first aiders in conducting high-quality CPR. 

- Zoll AED Plus has the lowest price compared with other AED models and from other brands. However, the battery and electrode pads have a longer lifespan, which means it helps save a lot of costs over time while still enhancing emergency readiness for schools in case of cardiac arrest.

This model helps improve the quality of CPR and is considered one of the most important advances in CPR practice for the past 20 years.

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