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There are at least 7 AED manufacturers and more than 20 different AED models in the world. With great efficiency in helping to save the lives of cardiac arrest victims, in developed countries, AEDs have been installed in many public places. In Vietnam, the term “AED” is still new, but it has been gradually noticed.

1. What are AEDs used for?

Human heart works normally when the atria and ventricle can pump the blood out of the chambers of the heart. However, in some serious cases, the heart, affected by various factors can not beat normally. It contracts a lot but can not pump blood out of the chambers, which is called heart fibrillation.

The victim's chance of survival is 90% with the help from an AED, for the first minutes. The chance decreases by 10% for every minute without an AED. AEDs works to analyze the victim's heart rate and perform defibrillation if need be, to bring back the normal heart condition. In addition, the device instructs the user to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by voice and signal on the LCD screen mounted on its body. Most cardiac arrest victims require CPR. AEDs will help the user conduct CPR on the victim more effectively, increasing the victim's chance of survival.

2. Where can I buy AEDs?

AEDs are special devices and therefore not common. The price for an AED is not low, either. In Vietnam, to buy an AED with reasonable price and quality, you should buy it from a reputable distributor.

AEDs can be bought online. With just a few clicks, the information of many suppliers will appear, which can make you confused. Buying an AED is a critical decision. You will need a device that is not only safe and reliable, but also well-maintained. A reputable supplier can help you meet this goal.

AEDs distributors include:

  • Online cross-country suppliers: There are many online retailers in the world, such as Amazon, Ebay... There are many kinds of AEDs from different brands supplied by those retailers. However, if you are in Vietnam and want to by an AED from those retailers, the fee for transportation is high. In addition, maintainance is costly and hard to perform. 
  • Direct suppliers: Direct AED distributors may include independent distributors of AEDs, who provide CPR-using courses using AEDs as facilitators; or businesses that distribute medical devices including AEDs. 

It is important that you find a supplier that operates with integrity, ethics, and professionalism. Make sure that you will earn the following benefits when buying their product: 

    • Receive timely notifications about equipment repairs or product recalls from the manufacturer
    • Receive a warranty from the manufacturer guaranteeing that your warranty will be fulfilled
    • Receive support and advice from the distributor and manufacturer in case you have questions or difficulties regarding the AED
    • Pick a distributor who can and are willing to instruct you on how to use their product

We hope that the information provided will help you pick the right AED supplier and buy the most suitable product.

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